Blackbelts for Butterflies 2017 Tour

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Blackbelts for Butterflies Concord, CA 2018

Concord, CA    August 4th & 5th

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Blackbelts for Butterflies East Coast 2017

Manchester, CT    November 4th & 5th

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Blackbelts for Butterflies West Coast 2017

San Jose, CA    July 22nd & 23rd

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Rolling For dylan tour 2016

Blackbelts for Butterflies will spread it's wings in 2016

and go on the road from Manchester, CT to Kent, WA!


Blackbelts for Butterflies 2016 CT Event Photos

Blackbelts for Butterflies 2016 CT Event Photos

WEST coast bb4bf - Kent, WA

August 20th and 21st 2016

When I started out on this journey i never knew where it would take me, I just knew I needed to do something! I mentioned to Ian Hockley at the Blackbelts for Butterflies 2015 that I was thinking of even doing a West Coast Seminar because of all the amazing support from all over. Ian mentioned it while he was speaking to the group and before he was done I felt a massive chest nudge me, a shadow cast over me and and a deep voice whisper, "West Coast is at my school next year". James 300 Foster made it very clear, wasn't sure how we were going to pull this off but now we are heading out to Foster Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the support is what I imagined...amazing!

More details to come on future events!